Licensed Electrician in Albany, NY

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Albany

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Albany

From its Colonial roots as the state capital to its continued presence in commerce and tech, the city of Albany has a buzz all its own. It also acts as a education and nonprofit hub for central New York.

At McCauley Electrical, we do our part every day to make the city come alive one project at a time from wiring homes to replacing panels at businesses. Since 2004, we’ve helped the people of the Capital Region power their lights, electronic devices and appliances with a full offering of professional services. Our business runs the gamut of installation, repairs, upgrades and more. Having undergone thousands of hours of training, we’re licensed and insured to handle all our of your electrical needs.

If you and your home or business are in need of assistance, please contact us so we can schedule an appointment. Our estimates are free, and we make every effort to keep our prices reasonable and doable for every budget. Once we begin work, we won’t stop until your system delivers to the best of its ability. Put our expertise to work for you today.

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Do I have to use a licensed electrician?

Licensing ensures that when you hire an electrician, you can trust that you’re getting a consummate professional. We are held to the highest standards in the industry. Without a licensed electrician on the job, there is no way to know if the work is being done correctly and safely. Hiring someone without a license may seem like a shortcut, but the long-term repercussions of liability and poor quality far outweigh any perceived benefits.

How important is it to hire an electrician near me?

Building codes vary from state to state and sometimes from municipality to municipality. Hiring a local electrician prevents hangups in the long run. We have been providing electrical solutions to the greater Capital Region since 2004, so we are used to the requirements you’ll need to satisfy. Consider it our way of taking care of the community.

What kind of services does McCauley Electrical offer?

We handle all kinds of residential and commercial projects. Whether your business needs a new electrical panel or you want landscape lighting around your pool, we are fit to the task. Our years of training and experience have made us versatile enough for new projects, repairs and upgrades. Give us a call and put our experience to work for you.

What can I do if my light switch isn’t working?

Light switches are so easy to use, we often forget how much is involved in the background. If a light switch isn’t functioning properly and the lightbulb isn’t to blame, it could be a symptom of a bigger issue. Sometimes, damage occurs behind the drywall that compromises a system’s integrity. Switches are just one component of your home’s electrical system. We can inspect them for you as part of an overall home audit, and we’ll point out any issues we see.

How can I make my home more energy-efficient?

The first step is to schedule a comprehensive review with us, so we can go over your existing setup in full detail. We want to first make sure you’re getting the most of your system. Based on our findings, we can suggest changes that can enhance your home’s output and prevent you from wasting precious energy. Lightbulbs with the latest LED technology can help as well.