Licensed Electrician in Great Sacandaga Lake, NY

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Sacandaga Lake

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Sacandaga Lake

When it comes to locating a licensed and experienced electrician in Sacandaga Lake, look no further than McCauley Electrical. With over 20 years of experience serving the Greater Albany and Sacandaga Lake areas, we have the professional know-how to assist with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor electrical installations.

Whether you need commercial or residential services, we can cover it all. Our professionals are trained to handle any electrical needs you may have; from a panel upgrade, exterior lighting, general repairs, or a brightly lit-up landscape McCauley Electrical will provide you with outstanding work at reasonable rates.

Hiring a local electrician is the best and fastest way to get your electrical work done. Local electricians are already knowledgeable of the building/electrical codes for your area, so this not only saves time but ensures that the job will be up to code.

If your home or business needs electrical work, contact us to schedule an appointment. One of our professional and courteous electricians will walk your property or business and provide you with a reasonable estimate based on your budget.

Put our experience and dedication to excellence to work for you today and give us a call! 518-858-2608


Electrical Contractors in the Great Sacandaga Lake Region, New York

McCauley Electrical is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the electrical industry for decades. They are known throughout Albany, Capital District area as being one of the top electricians who provide high-quality service at competitive prices with great customer care!

With routine maintenance services available from McCauley Electrical, you will be able to identify minor issues in your home BEFORE they become major electrical problems - saving you significant time and your hard-earned money!

We are experts in custom installation of all sorts of electrical work:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Designer Lighting
  • EVSE
  • Generator Installed
  • Outdoor Heating Systems
  • Smart Thermostats & Devices
  • Solar Panel Installation

Better Service Great Sacandaga Lake Region, NY

Better Service Great Sacandaga Lake Region, NY

Highly Trained Electricians That Answer All Questions

Highly Trained Electricians That Answer All Questions

Does McCauley Electrical offer free estimates?

We sure do! In addition to a free estimate, our professional electricians have over 20 years of experience working on Sacandaga Lake residential and commercial buildings. Providing you with sound and competent advice, we won't try to oversell you on services or products you don't need to fix the problem. 

How long do electrical repairs take?

Most of our electrical repairs will only take a few hours, while others will require us to file permits or get inspections. At McCauley Electric, we understand that our client's time is valuable, and we will work closely with you to help ensure that your home or business life experiences as little disruption as possible.

How can I tell if my home or business wiring is up to code?

Many of the Sacandaga Lake area buildings were built back when fire codes were less stringent than they are nowadays. The average home or business owner can't figure out the age of their wiring—this requires a professional electrician to come out and inspect it. If you're concerned about your home or business wiring, give us a call, and we'll come out.

There's a light inside my house that's flickering. Do I need to call an electrician?

There are several reasons why this could be happening. First, turn off the light switch and check to see if the bulb is screwed in correctly. If so, it could potentially be faulty wiring or a broken switch. It's best to call out an electrician because loose wiring is the number one cause of home fires.

Why are my smoke detectors chirping?

A chirping smoke detector could indicate that the battery that powers it is nearing the end of its life. The sensor could also be trying to warn you that it's experienced a malfunction. There could always be one of several environmental factors that are causing it to chirp.

A new bill was signed into law by Andrew Cuomo in 2017 that bans all new smoke detectors from having a removable battery. Instead, they must be powered by a power source that is not removable and lasts at least ten years.

The electricians at McCauley Electrical can help you remove your old smoke detector and replace it with a more modern one that adheres to the new safety laws.