New Construction Electrical Services

New Construction Electrical Services

McCauley Electrical is a full-service electrical contractor that has been doing new construction projects in the Capital Region for years. We specialize specifically with condos, private homes, and businesses because we know how important time constraints are when you're building your place!

We take the time to install all of your home's electrical needs with care. Our certified contractors come out when needed and work efficiently without disrupting other projects underway at this worksite by setting up panels or wires right away, so they're ready for use during construction. This is why our clients can have a fully functional house upon completion!

The goal of our team is to provide you with a high-quality electrical system that doesn't just work, but also provides maximum comfort and convenience. Our years in this industry allow us the ability to blueprint an installation process tailored specifically for your needs--saving time while ensuring efficiency throughout each phase!

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Framed building or residential home with basic electrical wiring and hvac complete.