Licensed Electrical Contractor

Licensed Electrical Contractor

​At McCauley Electrical, we provide a full-service electrician service. We invest in our electricians because we are a family unit and we want to encourage their investment in you, the customer. We’ve served the area for more than a decade and will continue to do so with the help of people like you.

We’re grateful for the people we’ve serviced over the years. We’ve listened to your suggestions and concerns and we’ve answered by providing specialized services. We’ll never put a limit on what we can do for our loyal customers. We’ll do everything we can within the scope of our ability to serve you.

The services include but are not limited to the list below. We have provided a brief description of the services we provide. There is no project too small or too large. We’re confident we have the staff to handle all projects professionally, on schedule and on budget.

If you have a custom project that isn’t on the list of services provided here, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate of your electrical project. And remember, we serve customers in both residential and commercial properties.

Providing Electrical Services in Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, and Saratoga Springs

Providing Electrical Services in Clifton Park, Ballston Spa, and Saratoga Springs
  • Remodels and New Construction

    When you want to remodel your home or business, it’s imperative to have the panels checked first to make certain they can handle the new electrical load. Most of the time, they need an addition to the existing panel to make certain you have a safe running system. This is one of the first things that will be broached and analyzed. Once the status of the panel is determined, we’ll communicate what the priorities are as well as further discussion on the budget end. Once we’ve determined the entire project, we’ll write an estimate and move forward.

    New construction is handled similarly, apart from communicating with construction project managers to determine how to go forward. The approach is unique to every property, but you can count on the process staying the same in most cases.

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

    Sometimes, an electrical panel upgrade is necessary. In some cases a home business needs an extra boost to its electrical system, so we’ll make certain it’s handled professionally and executed as expediently as possible. As with all our projects, you’ll receive proper written communication stating clearly what needs to be done.

    We also offer the replacement of a defective panel. Sometimes, things just need to be replaced due to worn wires or other important components in the panel. We’ll let you know clearly when the panel is in need of replacement.

  • Switch and Outlet Repair

    When you have a switch or outlet that is in need of repair or replacement, you should address that situation as quickly as possible by calling us. Never attempt to replace or repair the system yourself for any reason. Also, do so in a timely manner. This is a growing fire hazard and it’s an economical service with us. It’s just not worth losing your home or business and endangering the occupants inside.

  • Tamper Resistant Child Safety Receptacle

    This is a growing request due to child deaths and injuries caused by electrocution. We will install child-proof receptacles. In short, it’s a safety mechanism that makes certain the outlet is only on when nothing else but a plug is inserted. Each year, children are injured by curiosity. It’s natural to want to know what’s in that hole in the wall. Everything is fun and exploration is their entire world. Children are precious. They live in the moment, but it only takes a moment when you have a deadly curiosity. The most responsible thing a parent can do is to secure the home. We can help and we’re glad to. Some of our best customers are families.

  • Smoke and Safety Alarms

    Having a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm hard-wired into the home is a must. It’s safer and more accurate than a battery-charged one that will be forgotten about. This way, you have peace of mind. We’ll install them in all major areas of the home for your safety and well being.

  • Surge Protection

    You’ve probably only heard of surge protection for computers, but we offer whole home surge protection. This is more valuable than you may think. Your major appliances are hit with surges more times than you notice. This causes shorts in them that your homeowner insurance may not cover. Even if it does, it’s a hassle to repair and replace them. Once you’ve fixed or replaced the appliance, there is no guarantee it won’t happen again. In addition to the inconvenience, it could cause fires and malfunction. 

  • Ceiling Fan Installation

    We can serve you in even the simplest ways. Why risk a DIY job or handyman to install a ceiling fan? We will test the wires for safety and make certain they are in proper working order and either fix broken wires or replace them. We want you to be able to enjoy your new fans and leave them running at two cents an hour while you’re out of the house. We want to help you enjoy the most economical electrical system possible. Today, power bills can be astronomical, especially in the hotter climates. There are ways we can assist you in keeping those bills down. When the air conditioner is left at a stable temperature and the ceiling fans are also left running to circulate the air, it’s a great way to save money. 

  • Landscape Lighting

    There’s nothing better than landscape lighting to show off a property. We have several plans to help you stay in budget and we’ll always communicate our suggestions according to your plan. It’s your project first and we’re here to work with you and share our expertise with you to make your project reach its full potential.

    Remember, this is only a limited picture of what we can do for you and your home or business. There’s nothing we won’t consider. We’ve served people with all types of homes and businesses. Anytime you need electrical services, we’re there for you. We have a diverse unit of qualified electricians to help you get to where you need to be. We know that repairs and projects can be inconvenient, so we do our very best to make certain that we complete the job in as little time as possible without sacrificing quality.

  • High-Efficiency Light Installation

    If you’re in need of a green lighting upgrade in the home, we’ll install what you need for a fully efficient household. We’ll upgrade any older outlets and test the system thoroughly. High-efficiency light installation isn't required, but it can be daunting for people. Once the home is done, however, the power system will last quite a long time before you have to change them. The light bulbs have special requirements for disposal, so we’ll explain how to deal with that should they need proper disposal. The power bill will show a difference after the first 30 days using the bulbs. We can suggest ways to get your home up to par and save you money.

    Most people are not aware that electric lighting can use up to 25% of the average home's energy budget. With that being such a significant amount, it is extremely important to look at solutions that are cost-conscious and more efficient.  

    LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are extremely efficient and are seeing a drastic decrease in price over the last couple of years due to improvements in manufacturing technology. There was a time when LEDs were simply too expensive for application in a residential home, but prices have come down so much that every family can now afford to have them in their home.

    Some great benefits of LED lighting for your home:

    The number one benefit we can share is that LED bulbs will last up to 10 times longer than traditional fluorescents or standard incandescents. That in itself makes for a great decision to make the switch: less time spent changing and replacing.  

    Further, LEDs are extremely durable since they do have a filament that typically breaks with simple jarring or misuse. The great thing about LEDs is they produce 3.4 btu's/hour, significantly less than standard incandescent bulbs that produces 85 btu's/hour. This allows them to run cooler, drastically reducing any chance for the buildup of heat. The side benefit to running LED's throughout the home is it will reduce air conditioning costs.  

    LED's are mercury-free and extremely efficient, using only 2-17 watts of electricity which can be significantly less than standard CFL bulbs. 

    So, is it worth the switch? We are a bit biased, but we definitely see the value and cost savings your family will appreciate.

    Give us a call today so we can discuss upgrading your entire home to a high efficiency lighting solution!