Licensed Electrician in Hudson, NY

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Hudson, NY

The most affordable and professional licensed electrician ​in Hudson, NY

There’s more to Hudson, N.Y. than the river that bears it's name. The city boasts a lively downtown which is a hop, skip, and a jump from the Catskills. All these amenities make Hudson a fantastic place to live and work, and we at McCauley Electrical feel grateful to serve such a wonderful community.
Our goal is to be the leading full-service electrician in Hudson while continually providing its residents and business leaders with the professional services they deserve. Our decades of experience give us the confidence needed to tackle any residential or commercial project so you can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

Whatever your electrical needs are, you deserve a licensed professional in your corner. There’s immense value in knowing your system is in the hands of a well-trained expert. With our hard work, soon you can get back to enjoying the ease of flicking a switch.

So, contact us now, so we can get started with an estimate.

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Electrical Contractors in Hudson, New York

McCauley Electrical is a family-owned and operated business that has been in the Greater Capital District for decades. They specialize primarily on custom residential electrical services from lighting redesigns to complex wiring jobs, which bring you smart home technology at your fingertips! Their high quality workmanship paired with great customer service makes them number one choice among homeowners across all neighborhoods of Hudson, NY.

We are experts in custom installation of all sorts of electrical work:

  • Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)
  • Floor Radiant Heating Systems
  • Generator Installed
  • Outdoor Heating Systems
  • Smart Lighting and Outlets & Home Devices
  • Solar Panel Installation

Better Service Albany, NY

Better Service Albany, NY

Highly Trained Electricians That Answer All Questions

Highly Trained Electricians That Answer All Questions

What should I do if an electrical outlet stops working?

First and most importantly, please don’t try to fix a failing outlet yourself. Electrical work can be highly dangerous without the proper training or equipment. A failing outlet can be an indicator of a much more severe electrical problem. An expert evaluation is the best way to identify the cause. With a call or email to McCauley Electrical, a professional can have a look.

How can I get my system up to code?

As licensed professionals, we know exactly what to look for and what is needed to get a structure up to electrical codes. In some cases, this can necessitate an upgrade of the panel as a whole. Cases like these are common in historical and renovated buildings. We can make suggestions once we complete a full assessment, and once all work is complete, you’ll have a system you can depend on for both safety and code requirements.

What kind of home accessories can you help with?

One of the best perks of owning your own home is the ability to customize, and there are many options to take your home to the next level. We are licensed, which means we can help you with any renovation or upgrade. Depending on your hobbies and lifestyle, the possibilities are endless, like patio lighting, garage upgrades, a home theater, and so many more! We’ll work with you to make sure your system can support your vision. Let your imagination run wild, and when you’re ready to make it a reality, contact us.

Why is it crucial to use a local electrician?

All homes and businesses are subject to codes, and these codes are frequently the impetus for many renovations. They can also differ from place to place. Using a licensed electrician in your area gets you a trained expert fully aware of the codes and well-versed in the technological upgrades needed to meet them.

How can I tell if rodents are chewing on my wires?

Rats and other pests are frequent offenders when it comes to tampering with home electrical systems. Usually, the first telltale sign people notice is the distinctive noise behind the walls. If you don’t hear any noise, you can survey the house’s exterior for breaches. Wires and other components typically are tucked away, so it takes an assessment from a licensed electrician to determine the extent of the damage.

How important is it to hire an electrician near me?

Hiring an electrician from our company is a great way to make sure you are meeting all of your electrical needs. We have been providing services in the greater Capital Region since 2004, so we really know what’s necessary for this job! Consider it one more thing that takes care not just yourself but also others around town too.

We also provide service to the following areas:

Do Ceiling Fans help in the winter?

The best way to stay warm during winter is by using a ceiling fan. This will create an airflow that warms up your room and makes it feel cozy, like you're home! But what about summer- when our homes need cooling relief from the heat? There are several ways for people without air conditioning or heating utilities but they can still get through these cold months with just some clever ideas on how their house may be modified slightly so as long there's enough ventilation inside then everything should work out fine.

How can I make my home more energy-efficient?

You may think that your home’s lighting system is already optimized, but it could be wasting energy. Schedule a comprehensive review with us to make sure you are getting the most out of every bulb in this house! We have some great suggestions for how we can enhance what's currently installed and prevent any future wastefulness on our end too - like installing newer LED lights which use less power than their counterparts or upgrading old incandescent ones altogether. What are you waiting for? Call us today for a free estimate!

Can you rewire a house in the Capital District?

Electrical work is never a quick and easy task, but we take pride in making sure that your home's wiring system runs as smoothly for you as possible. Our knowledgeable team will come out to do an estimate on the new or old job before deciding which type of project would be best suited based off factors like time constraints and budget preference; if there are any other concerns about damage caused by improper installation then don't hesitate asking because these things matter too!

We offer hourly rates with affordable prices so everyone can get their electrical fix without breaking bank.

What kind of services does McCauley Electrical offer?

We have the experience you need for any project. Whether your business needs a new electrical panel or landscape lighting around its pool, we are fit to assist with all of these tasks! Our years-long training and expertise make us versatile enough that even if it's an upgrade on what has already been done in this area before - rest assured knowing our team will rise up against challenges head on while meeting deadlines every single time.